Gum Drop Technique by Dr. Tuttle

Upgrade your periodontal skills for gum recession with a BETTER, FASTER, LESS INVASIVE procedure : GUM DROP TECHNIQUE

A superior tunneling method for root coverage using biological factors and stem cells with A-PRF & I-PRF

This is a PAPILLA friendly technique !! No more release incisions, invasive flaps or iatrogenic black triangles ! Thrive with biology ! 

Canyon Lake Dental is a Certified training center for A-PRF & I- PRF.  Learn A-PRF & I-PRF Phlebotomy  & Tissue Grafting in ONE  Course!doctor-photo-49a6bd89-7e01-49ef-96c0-9f6dd6a30f09-1024x1024.jpg

Course July 8th St.Pete Beach Florida

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