Dentin Grinder


"The Smart Dentin Grinder is an exceptional addition to my armamentarium in providing effective and predictable autologous graft material whether it is a single extraction site or full mouth reconstruction."

Ara Nazarian DDS, DICOI 

“I always prefer to follow the natural biology of my patients. That's why the autogenous dentin graft is so popular in my practice. It's predictable with excellent long term results. Furthermore, it's a great message for my patients. I use it whenever I can for any grafting indication."

Prof. Ziv Mazor

Leading Periodontist

Ra'anana, Israel

“I think dentin graft has really change my way to treat patients. Its consistency, biological benefits, friendly protocol and of course the economic benefit turn this graft into one of my daily practice tools for bone grafting procedures."

Dr. Marcelo Ferrer Balart  DMD, MS.
Periodoncia e Implantología
Rehabilitación Oral