RAPTOS Cancellous 1cc (2x0.5cc)

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RAPTOS allograft cancellous and cortical bone offers an osteoconductive scaffold for promoting bone regeneration. Used either alone or as part of a composite bone graft, cancellous bone supplies a natural scaffold facilitating the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells.

Cancellous - bone comes from the proximal and distal ends of the long bones, such as the femoral head and condyles, proximal tibia, and humeral head.

Cortical - bone is manufactured from long bones such as the femur, tibia, fibula, and humerus. Raptos offers the widest range of particulate sizes in cortical to suit your dental application.
Cortico-cancellous - bone comes from sections of the illium which are ground into several particulate sizes. The blend of cortical and cancellous that results from this process gives this product the structure of cortical, with the open scaffolding for bone to grow into offered by cancellous.
Demineralized - cortical bone is made by placing cortical bone particulates in an acid solution to remove most of the calcium from the bone.

Premium Blend - This Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized blend combines two of the most popular allograft particles used in dentistry, all in a single vial!