Resorbable Suture 6/0 24(BOX)

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is a polymer made of polyglycolic acid and caprolactone. Metabolised to CO2 and H2O by the absorption of water in the tissue, absorption  time (50 % loss of tensile strength) is approximately 7-9 days.

 is a monofilament suture material, whose degradation rate in comparison with PGA is clearly reduced by the specially selected ratio of polyglycolic acid to caprolactone.

The uptake of water from the body results in the tissue-friendly degradation of the suture material by polymer hydrolysis.

The suture has a very smooth surface, which allows long suture techniques with minimal tissue traumatisation and excellent passage through the tissue. The unusually safe and reliable knot security, combined with a high tensile strength, surprises in many ways and immediately convinces the user.

The monofilament suture structure reduces capillary action to a minimum.

The above-mentioned excellent tensile strength requires the use of as little material as possible, while the surface qualities of the suture allows a supple low-resistance passage through the tissues, thus safeguarding the tissue structures as far as possible.