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Z5 Instruments

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Product Description

All Z5 instruments that come into contact with hard and soft tissues are made of zirconium oxide. These instruments are made from injection molded zirconium oxide or from high-performance ceramic ATZ. The instruments have superior cutting performance with minimal wear. The insertion instruments (ratchet and elbow adapter) and the torque wrench are made of stainless ste



Properties of zirconium oxide surgical instruments

  • Outstanding cutting performance with low wear 
  • Clearly visible depth markings
  • Depending on the intended surgical use, the instruments are made ​​of injection molded zirconium oxide or high strength ATZ high-performance ceramics are made

Surgical Cassettes

The Z-Tool surgical tray is designed to ensure an ergonomic and safe handling of all Z-Tools. It is designed so that it serves not only as storage but also as a sterilization chamber. 

The rotary instruments are uniquely identified with a color code. The disinfected, cleaned and dried instruments can be easily sorted into the cleaned surgical cassette, since the space provided for each instrument with the product number is labeled, which is also clearly visible printed on the instrument.



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